About Me & My Blog

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Hi everyone! My name is Paula and I live in California right now with my hubby of many years and Chico my 9 year old "baby". You will see him featured periodically at the end of a post (the dog, not the hubby).  :) 

I love collecting nail polish and have a room full to prove it. If you ever want to see a comparison of a polish I feature, let me know in the comments and if I have it, I will show it!

I started this blog as a way to document my nails of the day. I do enjoy swatching collections too though. I try my best to describe the polish as I see it. I also try to get color accurate photos, but I hardly ever color correct my photos. If they are not really true to color, I will mention it in the post. If I do happen to color correct I will mention that too. 

You will usually see a lot of photos in my posts.  I like to show off the polish in many different lighting situations and angles so you really get a feel for the polish.

I truly appreciate everyone who stops by my blog to look around.  I love seeing so many people from so many countries all around the world who visit.  I hope you all like what you see and will subscribe and come back again!

Happy polishing!!